DIAMOND membership

Diamond Membership

This membership will help you to know the potential of your properties, since you will be able to publish unlimited properties.

Once you publish it, potential clients can contact you, you will have a dashboard where you will find all the metrics so you can follow up on your leads.


Add unlimited properties

The properties contain all the necessary information to make potential clients more interested in the property.

The properties contain the following sections:

If your property complies with the user’s search, it will be shown or also in case the user is located in a specific city.

Featured properties appear on almost every page of the website making them the fastest properties to be sold.

The property will show all the necessary information for a user to become a potential client, this information contains; description with all the amenities, images, videos, floor plans and all your information as an agent or as an agency.

The tools inside the properties can help users to project their investment and convert them into potential customers.

One of the great benefits of the properties is that at the end of the information, you will find all the nearby places, not only touristic, but also the basic ones, such as schools, hospitals and sports centers for your day to day life.


5 Featured Properties

Featured properties increase the chances of receiving more visitors on the pages of the properties selected as featured, by increasing the chances of visitors, you also increase the chances of receiving leads and selling faster.

Featured properties will appear in the first section of the home page, increasing the chances that a user visiting the site will become a potential customer. 

In this section, featured properties will appear in the first results for a specific city or amenity that a visitor is looking for on the web. 

No matter what page the visitor is on, featured properties will appear in the sidebar, increasing the chances of getting more visitors to the property’s page.

If visitors enter your profile as an agent or as an agency, featured properties will appear first, followed by common properties.

Facebook, Instagram & Google Advertising

It is the only membership that includes advertising for your properties on Social Media, it also includes an automatic sales system that leads strangers to prospects. With this boost you drastically increase your chances of getting leads and sales.


Your Property In Our Digital Magazine

If you take advantage of this launch membership, not only will your property be added to the digital platform, but it will automatically be added to our digital magazine that we send to our potential clients interested in a specific city, for example; if your property is in “Playa Del Carmen” we will send the magazine to “Places Top – Playa Del Carmen” to people interested in Playa Del Carmen.


What Agents Say About This Membership

Become an EBRM Agent Today

  • Time Period: 1 month
  • Properties: Unlimited Listings
  • Featured Listings: 5

Here we answer the Frequently Asked Questions

You need to click on the “Get Started.” button. Pay the corresponding amount, once your payment is confirmed, you will create your profile as an agent or agency and we will show you some videos to teach you how to use your dashboard and to upload your properties in a good way to reach more people.

Unfortunately not, it is true that the chances of your properties being seen do increase exponentially, since you can upload unlimited properties and these are published on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). In addition they will be added in the monthly magazine of Places top of the city that is sent monthly to potential buyers.

It depends on what you are looking for, if it is a big agency or you are independent you could upload the properties you want to sell the most.

This package can help you, if you are an agent or agency committed to results and you know that for this you have to invest.

This package allows you to upload the properties that you want and highlight 5. It is also the only package in which campaigns are made on Facebook, Instagram & Google to increase visitors to the properties.

EBRM is focused on the American market interested in investing in Mexico, it is also one of the platforms that gives more promotion to the properties since they are published in 3 social networks, the digital magazine Places Top and its organic content makes it positioned in google in the first places

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