Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Using EBRM

There are NO fees or costs for creating a professional EBRM account or for adding your listings on EBRM. Additional advertising options are available for agents that want to increase their exposure and generate more leads.

New listings added on EBRM will remain on the website for 60 days.

You can manually re-activate a listing after it expires if it was not sold during this time.

To ensure the quality of the listings on EBRM, all new accounts will have to be validated by our team first. After your account is validated, your listings will show-up on EBRM.

Validations are usually done within 24 business hours. Our customer care team can help you get your account validated sooner.

If you contracted a plan for either one month, six months or one year and sold your property in the first few days, there is no refund since that is the main function of EBRM to sell your property as soon as possible

Questions about selling & Renting

Yes, you can upload your property without any problem, the only thing you need is to register to be able to list your house for free, remember that if you want more visibility you can invest so that your property sells faster.

You must register and login, when you click on create listing you can start uploading your properties, remember that you can access a dashboard that will allow you to take control of your leads and analysis.

We have different types of subscriptions and each one of them will give your properties a different exposure, in the real estate market a property in average can take between two to five months to be sold from a portal, also it is going to depend on the pursuit that the agent makes and the negotiation

Remember that where the attention goes, the money flows, so it is important to promote the properties.

There are 4 plans that we have and here I summarize how they work.

The featured properties are those that will follow the user through most of the pages within the website.

The properties on the front slider of the website are the most viewed since they are the first thing the users see.

Plans that include advertising have the benefit of our marketing team creating Social Media sales funnels to reach the target audience and increase the exposure of your listings with potential clients.

Copper: In this plan you can upload three properties.

Silver: In this plan you can upload ten properties and feature one.

Gold: In this plan you can upload fifteen properties, feature three and two on the front slider.

Dimond: You can upload properties without a limit, feature five, three on the front slider and direct advertising to your listings through social media and google.

If you are an agency it doesn’t matter how many agents you add, the only thing that will depend on your plan will be the properties they can list.

Questions About Support

Of course, our team is available through the mail hola@ebrm.net you can write and send the request of what you need and we will contact you in a period less than 24 hours to resolve your doubts or problems.

The charge is made on a monthly basis and you can cancel without any problem at the time you decide.

We are an intermediary platform between buyers and sellers, whether it is an agent or a real estate company that sells the property, all the deal and negotiation will be direct.

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