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One of the things that most attracts foreigners to Playa del Carmen is the possibility of acquiring real estate in areas of high capital gain.

One of the reasons for investing in Playa del Carmen that foreigners agree with the most is that Playa offers them the possibility of acquiring real estate in areas of very high capital gains relatively cheaply compared to the prices of their places of origin.

Canada, Europe and the United States are some of the main points of origin for investors and foreigners who visit Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum and end up falling in love with its culture, landscapes, gastronomy and possibilities.

To begin with, buying a house in Playa del Carmen can be more beneficial and accessible than doing it in areas like Los Angeles or Florida; not only are you buying a property in an area with rising capital gains, but you can also generate extra income with the rent of your property thanks to the popularity of the area.

Similarly, people who want to retire in Mexico are attracted to the possibility of improving their quality of life and reducing retirement costs, especially when investing in a property can further lower the costs they had in their budgets for rent.

Securing your money in early real estate investment also represents the possibility of generating extra income, especially if you decide to buy your property before retirement.

So, some workers choose to buy real estate to generate money while they are not using it. And this does not have to end with the arrival of retirement, on the contrary, some retirees use their extra income to improve their quality of life during retirement.

For example, some Canadians choose to run away from the cold in winter, so they choose to spend 6 months -in summer- in their home country, having the possibility of renting their house or apartment to third parties during those periods of time.
But the extra income is not the only reason why more and more people choose to invest in real estate.

tourism playa del carmen

Is playa del carmen safe to invest

Playa del Carmen is one of the safest destinations to invest your money without having that fear that it will not grow, since being one of the favorite tourist destinations worldwide its capital gain is increasing day by day and foreign investment is growing.

Experts say that it is not good to have all your eggs in one basket, but I am sure of one thing… and that is that Playa del Carmen should definitely be in your real estate investment portfolio.

And if I have not yet convinced you why to invest in Playa del Carmen here I leave you …

5 reasons to invest in playa del carmen

1. Location

Everything in real estate is about the location and one of the strongest points of investing in Playa del Carmen is that the city is part of the famous Riviera Maya.

The Riviera Maya is the name given to the geographic region located on the Caribbean Sea coast. It has a total extension of 120 km and you have probably heard of it since it is the most important tourist site in our country.

Did you know that the Riviera Maya is the most important -and recurring- meeting point in Latin America? Yes, several international events are held in the region.

The natural beauties that the Riviera Maya offers to its visitors are unparalleled in Mexico: from beaches with crystalline waters to relax, to adventures for exploring the Mayan jungle, the cenotes or doing different ecotourism sports.

And in the case of Playa del Carmen, its location in the Riviera Maya has made it one of the most exclusive and important cities in the region.

One of the things that most characterizes Playa del Carmen is the amount of stores, restaurants, and options such as clubs that exist. The 5th Avenue that runs more than 3 km along the coast of the beach.

No transportation is allowed: skates, bicycles, cars, etc. This gives tourists the opportunity to explore the local culture on foot, and thanks to the good climate of Playa del Carmen you can walk for several hours without any problem. Here you can read more about Playa del Carmen weather.

If you are thinking of investing in Playa del Carmen, it is very important that you consider that the area with the greatest capital gain in the city is precisely the Fifth Avenue.

2. Tourism

tourism in pdc

Tourism is the main reason why the growth of both the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen has accelerated. Being an area with exquisite beaches and biodiversity that invites adventure, the Riviera Maya has conquered the hearts of both Mexicans and international visitors who decide to spend their vacations on our Caribbean coasts.

It is considered one of the 20 best tourist destinations in the world along with cities like London, Paris, Italy and Dubai.

As we have already explained, one of the things that makes Playa del Carmen stand out is the number of offers it has for entertainment.

That’s why Playa del Carmen is considered a cosmopolitan city: there are many stores, restaurants, bars and activities you can do, and of course, 5th Avenue is the most important point in the city where all these experiences come together.

That is why Playa del Carmen is also one of the cities where tourism for young adults ends up becoming very important, especially for those who want to enjoy their vacations as a couple, and even celebrate weddings.

In 2018 alone, destination weddings in the Riviera Maya grew by 7%, which means that 14 thousand weddings took place in 2018, and of course one of the favorite destinations to celebrate this type of event was Playa del Carmen.

This is a very important indicator for investors who are looking to acquire a property to generate extra income, especially thanks to the creation of platforms such as Airbnb. Now tourists do not only want to go to rest, they want to explore the cities as if they were locals and have unique experiences.

That´s why 5th Avenue has become one of the most important points for tourism in Playa del Carmen and for investment. It is not the same to rent an apartment on 5th Avenue a few steps from the beach as it is a few blocks away.

3. Possibility of growth

The tourist flow is one of the main indicators for investors, especially for those looking to rent out their apartments.

As we explained at the beginning, one of the most surprising things when studying the tourist phenomenon of the Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen, is the speed with which these destinations grew.

In part, as you may already know, the natural beauties of the Caribbean that have no comparison were a determining factor for the consolidation of Playa del Carmen as one of the most exclusive cities and destinations in the world.

However, the growth in Playa del Carmen is not something that comes unnoticed by the city or its government. Currently the city is looking to improve its transportation and mobility routes to make the city and its inhabitants have better development and an even higher quality of life.

Did you know that Playa del Carmen is the second largest district in the country? Playa del Carmen is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico and Latin America.

And not only in terms of population growth, according to the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism -CANACO- in Playa del Carmen, there are 9 thousand businesses affiliated with it, of which 6,600 or 72.2% are micro-entrepreneurs.

Therefore, Playa del Carmen not only represents an opportunity to vacation but also to invest and open a business.

For example, many future expatriates see in Playa del Carmen the opportunity to live their retirement and open a business to have a better quality of life, and the cosmopolitan nature of the city opens the opportunities even more for those who want to offer more options to the menu: from restaurants and bars to boutiques and of course, hosting services.

4. Best value for money

One of our tips for being a successful real estate investor is to treat the purchase of real estate as what it is: an investment.

Many times we get carried away by the price of properties and believe that if we buy a property at a lower price we are investing our money in a better way. However, we already know that this is not the case.

The location and the capital gain is the most important thing and what you should consider most before you buy any property; it doesn’t matter if it is an apartment in Playa del Carmen or a residential lot in Merida.

The location is what will dictate the future value of the property, and that is why properties that are located in areas with high capital gains are worth more than those in areas that are not well located.

Whether you later wish to resell the property or rent it out, the location will dictate whether or not your investment will be worthwhile in the future. For example, imagine all those who bought an apartment on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen about 5 years ago.

Today their properties are worth more than what they certainly cost. Also, by acquiring these properties they insured their money against inflation, so if they are worth “the same” as 5 years ago when they sell in dollars, their money continues to increase.

5. It offers you a better quality of life

Do you know why Playa del Carmen is one of the favorite destinations for expatriates? Yes, the possibility of being able to live near the sea, surrounded by Mexican culture as well as a great diversity of options is part of the reason why ex-pats see Playa del Carmen as the best option for their retirement.

The quality of life in Playa de Carmen is unparalleled: you can get the best of the city with the sea breeze.

The nightlife that so characterizes the city combines with the tranquility and bohemian atmosphere of the beach.

And this mix not only benefits foreigners who want to move close to the sea without losing the urbanization.

For Mexicans, Playa del Carmen represents a very important city for the improvement of their quality of life. To begin with, salaries are handled in dollars, and it is very normal to observe the dollar as part of the local culture. For other Mexicans, paying in the supermarket with dollars may seem impressive, but for Playa del Carmen residents this is totally normal and part of their daily life.

That is why the city has been growing as well: with the arrival of tourism, job opportunities have increased and with that, wages and entertainment options.

And as we mentioned in the previous sections, Playa del Carmen is very aware of this development and is ready to create better infrastructure for its residents and visitors.

Without a doubt, Playa del Carmen is an option for real estate investment in the southeast that we cannot lose sight of. If you want to invest in an area with constant growth, a rising capital gain and the possibility to generate extra income by renting a property, Playa del Carmen and its 5th Avenue are for you.

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And if you are looking for an apartment for sale in Playa del Carmen to make it your second home or simply to enjoy a couple of times a year a delicious vacation in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean, you will certainly not regret making that investment.

And if you still haven’t found that luxury apartment in Playa del Carmen that you deserve so much, here are some listings that might interest you.

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